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Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Operation Inasmuch?


Operation Inasmuch is a movement of churches across America, a Compassion Revolution. Over 2,000 churches in 22 states have joined the Revolution.  405 of these churches reported that they collectively sent out more than 22,000 volunteers in 2011 to minister to 116,000 people in their communities, representing $3M in labor hours and material costs. Lives within and without these churches changed!


Operation Inasmuch is a national nonprofit that employs proven models to motivate, train, and equip churches to move more congregants out of the sanctuary seats and into the streets to serve the neediest in their communities.


More information on the national movement can be found at:


When is Operation Inasmuch taking place?


Corinth is holding its Operation Inasmuch Day on Saturday, August 1, 2020.



Who is leading/organizing Operation Inasmuch? I can’t take the suspense!


Operation Inasmuch is being organized this year by Chris Neary and Kara Ashley, along with several other talented individuals.



Is it going to rain that day?


We sure hope not! But that’s out of our control. Regardless, the event will still happen and we’re confident it will still be a great day.



Where will Operation Inasmuch take place?


Events will be held at Corinth Baptist Church and other locations throughout the county. Please contact Chris Neary or Kara Ashley for more information.



How do I contact Christopher Neary or Kara Ashley? They sound super awesome!


Chris Neary and Kara Ashley can be reached at or (804) 993-4290.



What projects are happening during Operation Inasmuch?

Please see the Projects page on this website for more information. Projects are subject to change, depending on the number of volunteers willing to take part and/or whether a project leader can be found.



Is a hot dog a sandwich?


I’m not sure that really matters. Classify as you will.



Who do I contact if I’m interested in being a part of one of the projects?


Please contact either Chris Neary or Kara Ashley for more information. They will get you in contact with the project leader for the project you’re interested in, once a project leader has been found.



What happens if a project doesn’t have a project leader?


Leading an event of this size is a lot of work and trying to coordinate several projects from the top is inefficient. Each project needs to have its own project leader; this person is the point of contact for the people working that project and helps ensure a smooth event when the day arrives. For that reason, only projects that have project leaders will be a part of Operation Inasmuch.



Who do I contact if I’m interested in donating money for Operation Inasmuch or other items to one or more projects?


Please contact either Chris Neary or Kara Ashley for more information.



Do my shoes look good today?


I guess? I’m a website though, so it’s hard for me to say. Also, this question really isn’t related to Operation Inasmuch.



Will we be doing t-shirts for the event?


Yes! Please speak with Chris or Kara regarding sizing and options.



You didn’t answer my question here, what do I do??


Please contact Chris Neary or Kara Ashley for more information.